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"A wonderful New World"

Once upon a time, there were five young friends who lived together in a big big city. One sunny day they agreed to go to their favorite park to play. Their park is full of beautiful trees and colorful flowers and the children enjoy playing there.

So they all go together happily. Poshy-sweet, kind and tidy, Darey-brave, strong and funny, Whiney-shy, sensitive, and easy to cry. Also Giggly-smiley, helpful and always cheerful and Aloofy-fearful, hesitant and reserved. They are different in many ways but always there for one another.

In the park they decide to play their favorite game, hide and seek. Aloofy says Come on kids, let me find you. Go and hide. So he starts counting one, two, three, four……….. Suddenly Darey shouts out loud.

Hey, I feel something here, under my feet. He says and immediately he tries to pull it from the ground. It is an old heavy book with a thick gold cover. Poshy tries to clean it, while Aloofy carefully watches her. Giggly then opens the book and all of a sudden another world appears in front of them.

The park lightens up and the children are now flying in this new world. They can see plants of all kinds, wonderful flowers and huge tress with enormous trunks. They are above everything and all they can do is look at this beautiful green world from up high. Suddenly they land in a tree house where a friendly dwarf welcomes them.

-Hello, my friends. Come in my home and be my guests. Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.

Aloofy is afraid and Whiney is ready to cry but Darey holds them both and takes them inside the small, warm house.

-Come says the dwarf, come and have some delicious juicy fruits I have.

The kids there see a silver tray full of fruits-pears, apples, pineapples, cherries, strawberries, melons and watermelons. Poshy looks excited and ready to try her favorite fruit- the strawberry. She opens her mouth and tries one red red strawberry.

Simply delicious she says and gives one more to Giggly.

The children all slowly sit down and decide to eat while the friendly dwarf tells them about his green green world. Now the kids all feel safe and ready to hear the dwarf tell them his story.

-My world, says the dwarf, is one of a kind. You can see different trees, flowers and leaves that exist only here in my wonderful green green world.

-Do you have so many trees, flowers and leaves in your world?He asks as he decides to eat some fruit.

- No, we don’t say Aloofy immediately. That’s why we go to our park to play. We like it there.

Then Whiney remembers his tree house in his back yard and starts crying.

-What’s the matter? Asks the dwarf worriedly.

-My tree house no longer exists. The block of flats are there now. There is no more fun in my small small back yard.

-Don’t cry, says the dwarf to Whiney. You can stay in my world forever now and make your own tree house like mine. No one will destroy it here, he continues while patting him on the back.

-No, he says Darey to the dwarf. We like it here, but no we can’t stay forever. We must return home, back home.

The dwarf gets up angrily and says The only way to go back is to find the rarest, most precious plant of the world, one plant that is one of a kind. Only then you can leave.

The children get up and decide to look for this rare rare plant and go back home. Their home is not so green but it’s their sweet sweet home.

Days go by and none of the kids find the rarest plant of all. They are very unhappy. But the dwarf is very very happy to keep them in his world forever.

-Don’t cry, Whiney, says Poshy. I will find this plant and soon we will go back home.

As they rest under a tall tall tree, Poshy sees a beautiful blue plant. She cuts it and puts it in her beautiful blond curly hair. When the dwarf sees the plant in her hair, he starts shouting out loud.

-Where is this plant? Show me. This is the rarest plant of my world.

-What’s its name? says Poshy to the dwarf. It is the Greek saffron. You can find it in Greece, in Kozani and its very very expensive.

Then the dwarf disappears and the children are back home in their favorite park. -Yioupi cries Giggly happily. Home sweet home.

end of part 1...

All the children Poshy, Darey, Aloofy, Whiney and Giggly are happy now. They like their park and always enjoy playing there. Poshy likes the plant she has in her hair and feels proud of it. It is one of a kind, the Dwarf says and she keeps it.

After some time the children look at the book again. They want to open it but they are afraid. This time Aloofy turns another page of the book and oh, oh, oh!!

Suddenly the kids are in a strong strong river that is going to fall in a huge huge waterfall. The kids try to stop falling but they can’t. The only one who saves them is the mermaid of this world.

“Come this way” says the mermaid, and shows them a cave a safe safe cave.

Then the mermaid asks the kids where their home, their city, their park and their adventure in the green green world.  You will be safe here, says the mermaid to Darey. Trust me and you can live here forever. Aloofy gets worried now while the mermaid continues.

“Water is most precious here in my world” “Its our life” There are rivers, lakes, oceans and seas here in my world. Ponds and pools as well as waterfalls exist here” says the mermaid as she rests on the side of the cave. Never forget that water here is our life. Without it we will die, she ends and looks at the kids in the eye.

“Stay here and you will live forever” says the mermaid and jumps in the running water of the river.  The kids like it there. They like the water. They like the mermaid. She is friendly and kind.

But they miss their home, their small green park and want to return. When the mermaid comes back, the children tell her they can’t stay in waterland anymore. So they get ready and the mermaid gives them a wooden container with fresh cold water.

“Take it with you, she says “Save it to save your lives” she continued and leaves again in the crystal blue waters.

Now the kids are alone in the cave. Aloofy is holding the precious water, Poshy is holding her precious flower, and Giggly is looking at the waterfall. Whiney falls in the water and starts crying again. Then all kids fall in to save him.

“Don’t fear,” “Aloofy is here” his friends shouts and grabs his hand to save him. Now all of them fall down the waterfall and back into their park.

Incredible,” says Giggly and starts smiling again. “We are back home again. “Hooray, cries Darey home sweet home,wet but alive”

They lie down to relax looking at the sunny sky and listening to the birds of the park go by.

After hours of sleep, Darey wakes up first and takes the golden book in his lap. He is a brave boy that loves adventures. He can’t live without fun and action at all. He slowly turns a page of the book to see what the next world is like.

Then the ground starts trembling and the kids wake up in fear.

“What’s going on?”Says Poshy  “what’s that noise?”she says. The kids look at Whiney again and all together say “Don’t cry again, we have had enough with your crying.” This time the kids are sitting on huge huge elephants that are running through a jungle. The children can see all kinds of wild animals in this great great jungle.

There are giraffes and lions, tigers and snakes, eagles and monkeys, leopards and bears. They all look beautiful, strong and free in their world of the jungle.

Suddenly Whiney falls of the elephant and starts crying again. The children can’t hear him. They have left along with the elephants deep in the jungle.

Poor Whiney is all alone in the jungle now. He can cry and cry and no one can hear him. He sits on a hard rock and holds his head deeply worried and very very sad. Then he feels the rock underneath him moving. He hears a little voice saying “ Who is crying on top of my house?” Then a head of a turtle pops up and looks at him very puzzled.

“My name is Whiney,” he says as he tries to wipe his nose. “What’s your name?” he asks the turtle, trying to stop crying and wiping his watery eyes.

“I am Lonely George. I have lived on the island of Zakynthos, Greece for many years.  I miss my home” the turtle says and lowers its head. Whiney feels sorry for Lonely George and touches his head softly.

“Don’t be afraid, you are not alone now. I can be your friend. I can take you back home with me because I have lived in Greece too.” Says Whiney as he comfortably sits on George’s reddish-brown shell.

“I am a Caretta-Caretta, a large sea turtle that wants love to live freely and safe,” continues the turtle as he gently moves.

Meanwhile Darey, Poshy Giggly and Aloofy are far in the jungle on the elephants backs. They can no longer see their friend Whiney so they cry out loud. “Whiney, Whiney where are you?” they all shout.

Then the elephants stop and lift their trunks looking at the kids shouting for Whiney in the jungle. “He has fallen off my back ” says one of the elephants making a trumpety noise.

The kids now start crying for their friend Whiney. “Let’s go back and look for him” says Aloofy “we can’t go home without him” and drinks some of his precious water.

“I’m sorry says the biggest elephant of all, you must forget your friend. We can’t go back. If we go back to find him you will all stay in our jungle for ever .” “ Unless,” he ………..

“Unless what?” say the children looking at the great great elephant. “Unless you can find the rarest animal in the jungle. The one that always carries its home.” Then the children decide to look for their friend and for the rarest animal of the jungle.

They looked for days and nights and they are so unhappy. Suddenly Poshy  drops her purple flower and stops the elephant to pick it up. As she walks slowly in the jungle she finds it in front of Whiney. She cries out of joy and calls the other kids. They tell Whiney that if they want  to leave the world of the jungle they have to find the rarest  animal that carries its home home everywhere it goes.

Then Whiney with a happy smile looks at them and says “I’m sitting on it, my friends.”

“Wonderful cries Aloofy,” “Great ” shouts Poshy, “Fantastic,” yells Darey and “Incredible,” says Giggly and touches its hard reddish shell. Then Lonely George invites them all on his home and takes them away, away from the jungle and back in their sweet green park.

Poshy puts the flower on the ground ans Aloofy waters it.Whiney  sits on the grass and listens to stories that Lonely George says. Giggly decides to take a nap. The  jungle was a big adventure for her. Time to relax.

Only Darey is restless. He wants to travel more and meet new adventures. He loves his park and friends but nothing excites him most than action. So he grabs the book he has left under the tree and turns another page.

This time they are all inside a flying car in a city full of skyscrapers. The buildings are tall, the statues are huge and the car flies between the skyscrapers. In this world of high-technology there are no trees, no birds, no animals. Only robots, metal homes, glass parks and silver statues. The children can hardly talk. They are shocked to see a world they have never seen before.

When the flying car lands on the ground, a tall robot comes closer and touches Poshy on the head. He tells all  about their home, their park and their adventures. The kids are astonished at what they hear. “Where are we?” says Darey, who enjoys looking at the robot.- “ You are in the world of the future” says the robot with an electronic voice.

Then he takes them to the cinema plaza to have fun. The kids there watch a fantastic movie

with special 3D glasses and eat their favorite pop-corn. Darey  feels like home. Then an old old man Peter Vlachos appears. He is a special effects inventor who describes how motion pictures are.

“I am Greek, ” he says and I welcome you to  my  wonderful world of unique beauty. You may stay here forever if you wish. The kids like this world, like the action and the tall skyscrapers and the silver metal robots. They enjoy this world of technology but they want their home with the trees, the flowers, the birds and animals. So the famous inventor feels sorry for the kids and sends the flying car to take them back home.

“Give me something to remember this world” says Darey who likes it there and looks at the inventor.  “This invisible I-pad is for you , ” he says “keep it and remember that the knowledge of the future makes you wiser,” he says and leaves in his fast black flying car.

Then all the children are back in the car heading for home. Suddenly the car stops in a desert. They try to start the car but it can’t move anymore. There they see a small wooden house and run to see who lives in this home.

Two young boys appear holding guns. The children are afraid, very afraid. “We are going to war  “ they say “if we fight we live, but if we don’t fight, we die.” Aloofy stops one of the boys and says “please, show us the way to leave  from here. This is not our home ”he cries.

“You can’t ” say the boys and lifts the guns  a little more. “Unless” he slowly adds, and lowers his voice. “Unless what?”  cries Giggly, “tell us quickly we can’t live here in this world of war.” Then the boy says “Unless you find what is hidden the most in this world. If you find it you will immediately leave our world and go back home.”

“How can we know?” says Whiney who always cries and feels unhappy every time they can’t return. “We know!” says Darey and opens the door of the boy’s house. The mother stands cooking inside and has an unpleasant worrying look on her face. “What’s hidden the most is the love in a mother’s heart.”  He then holds the mother and feels her love for the kids who fight to live.

Suddenly the flying car is ready to go. Aloofy tries to make it start and all the kids get in ready to go. They are so  tired that no one wants to talk anymore. They all want to go home.

Home. Where is home? They never go home. But this time they will meet the most important person in the world. The flying car lands in the wonderful garden of a palace where the king lives. This king is very powerful and has the key to a new world where everything is perfect. So the children decide to meet the king.

The palace is superb.  It’s one of a kind. The children enter the palace. They see all their friends they have had from the other worlds- the dwarf, the mermaid, the elephants, the robot and the boys ‘ mother. They are all in the palace happy to see the kids again. They welcome them. The way to the king is long but exciting.

“I’m tired ” says Poshy and walks slowly. “I’m thirsty,” says Aloofy and touches his mouth. ‘I’m hungry, hungry,” says Giggly and rubs her tummy.

“I’m sleepy ,” says Whiney and rubs his eyes. “I’m ready to meet the king,” says Darey and moves one step ahead. “The new world is near, stay brave and happy,” he continues and walks on front of the others.

Then after a while they finally they finally see the king on the throne looking at them in surprise. “Why are you here ,” says the king. The kids tell him their story and all the adventures.

He then asks them.

-          What do you want from me?

-          We want the key to the new world. A world where we can enjoy the nature , the animals, the fresh water , the love and knowledge of the future says Darey in a bold , brave way.

-          What do you have for me ΄΄says the King  looking down at the kids from his throne.

-          We have ΄΄starts Poshy , a precious flower a beautiful blue flower that grows in Greece in the city of Kozani.

-          What΄s its name? asks the king and lifts his eyebrows astonishingly.

-          It’s called the Greek saffron and its unique and very expensive.

-          Oh I see! Replies the King and takes it from her hand.

-          And you says the King and points at Aloofy.What have you got for me? I have says Aloofy slowly “I have some fresh water from Greece. It comes from the tall tall mountains.Its one of a kind that is nowhere to be found. Try some water, sir ” says Aloofy and gives him the wooden container with the water.The King takes it and drinks a little. It’s from the Viko’s mountains of Ioannina adds Aloofy. Fresh, cool and clean water, he replies with pleasure.

-          Then the King looks at Whiney. He is holding his turtle friend under his arm.

-          What have you got over there he asks Whiney gently. Whiney is a little afraid of the King and quickly hides his turtle George behind his back.

-          Oh, no, bring it to me, please says the King kindly.

-          Then Whiney bravely takes a step forward and gives the turtle to the King.

-          A turtle? Says the King.

-          It’s not any turtle says Whiney. It’s my friend George and he is a Caretta-Caretta.

-          A Caretta- Caretta ? asks the king. What’s that?

-          It’s a rare turtle that needs our lone and protection to live. It’s on the Island of Zakynthos. It’s a Greek island .

-          Oh, wonderful! Says the king and lifts the turtle gently and puts it on his throne.

-          And you! The king now points at Darey. What have you got for me?

-          I have this for you my king he says.

-          What’s this? I can’t see it says the king. I can only see your open hand he continues and still looks at his hand.

-          Well, that’s because it’s invisible. It’s an invisible i-pad that has all the knowledge of the future.

“Ah, interesting! “Says the King and slowly takes it from Darey’s hand.

“It will make you wiser my King,” says Darey with  a smile.

“Who made it ?” asks the King and feels the i-pad in his hand.

“Well, a Greek inventor made it” adds Darey proudly. “ It’s one of a kind.”

“I will keep it then “says the King softly.

Giggly looks at the King holding his invisible i-pad and says to him. “You need something from me too, my King. Without it the knowledge of the future is nothing.”

“What do you have for me, my girl?” he asks.

“The love, this is the only important thing that is not a thing. Love is what you need my King.”

“Take it!” says Giggly and gives him the mother’s heart.

The King now is surprised.” All these things I have from you, are for me?”

Yes, they are reply the kids with a loud voice.

These things are mine if I give you the key?

“Yes they are” replied the kids again even louder than before.

“Well,” says the King. “I don’t have such a key.”

“You don’t?” cry the kids out loud.

“I don’t have the key you want. The key is  in your hands. You all have the key to a better world.”

“We have the key?”cry the kids again.

“Yes, you have the key” says the King.” If you join your hands together and love each other, then the key to a beautiful  beautiful world is yours” says the King.

Then the kids join hands and make a circle and start singing. Magic comes and the sun shines. Then a world appears that is more beautiful than any other world. This world is green with beautiful plants and trees. It has a variety of animals and a lot of Caretta-Caretta turtles. Knowledge and love are in this world and fresh water surrounds them.

The kids now feel happy. They can see a world of colour, love and friendship. This is the world they are looking for.

“So you have this beautiful world we like” says Giggly to the King.

“Oh, no I haven’t. You have it. The things you give me, are the things that make this beautiful world. So, take them. Take the flower, the water, the turtle the invisible i-pad with the knowledge of the future, and love and create this world. It’s in your hands now” says the King and leaves.

The kids are full of joy. They love their things and want to live in this world.

They hug, they smile, they dance in a circle and feel happy and free. In this wolrd now the kids will enjoy the nature, the plants and flowers. They will enjoy the animals of all kinds. They will always drink fresh  water and never worry again.

“In this world we have everything ” says Darey.”And I will show you the future. It’s in my hand.” He says to the kids.

“Yes, but we shall always love each other and the world around it,” says Giggly. “We must love our new world.”

The kids happily look at each other again and hold hands.

Now, they can truly live happily ever after.   

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